Our minds are often overwhelmed by life’s stresses, heartache, and trauma. We’re often so stuck in all the chaos, that we forget how to be happy. I’m the guy who takes your mind out of the mess to promote clearer thoughts and bring everything back into perspective. 

Here are a few individuals and companies I’ve helped so far:

"Nathanael fügt jedem Menschen, mit dem er spricht, so viel Wert bei. Mein globales Podcastpublikum wird seine inspirierende Geschichte lieben!"

Allison Liddle

Business builder, speaker and 2x International Bestselling Author

“Nathanael ist eine unglaubliche Seele. Es war ein inspirierendes Erlebnis wie Er seine Geschichte auf der Bühne erzählte. Er ist ein erstaunlicher Individual mit einer bemerkenswerter Sicht auf das Leben und einer hervorragender Fähigkeit mit Leuten zu Kommunizieren! Es war eine wirklich Transformative Erfahrung!”

Lauren Parente

Soul on Fire

“Through his amazing example of positivity regardless of the circumstance and his faith, Nathanael has deeply challenged me on the way to overcome self pity and negativeness on my own challenges. I can only recommend Nathanael to anybody wanting to get out of his/her rabbit hole and focusing on solutions in his/her challenge(s). Thanks Nathanael!”

Joel Vuadens-Chan

 Founder and CEO of Swiss Leaders Group

“Nathanael Zurbruegg is by far one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever heard of and came in contact with. When he was on stage I was zoned in, I listened intently. He enlightened in me a spirit of determination to overcome some of my obstacles in life. In my opinion I think Nathanael is a gift from God to mankind to inspire people to overcome.  Thank you Nathanael for putting other people first and for not negotiating with difficulties but slaying them in their tracks. He is worth listening to and much loved.“
Robert D. Melson

Owner of Sussex County Detailing LLC

Tom Telesco

Telesco Leadership

Robin Hugentobler

Lead Youth Pastor FEG Buchs, Switzerland

"Nathanael’s talk war super cool! Er hat in vielen Leuten einen mega grossen unterschied gemacht!"

Dieter Conrad

 CONRAD! Wahre Werte Gesunde Finanzen

“Nathanael is a great podcast guest – His powerful message of ‘dream bigger to receive bigger’ was a great fit for my audience. What God has done in this man’s life is nothing less than incredible.”

Joseph Warren

Host of Broken Catholic The #1 Podcast on iTunes for Protestants and Catholics! 

“Nathanael’s approach to living life to the fullest is remarkably refreshing! I love how He keeps His eyes on God’s Truth and has found lasting joy despite hardship and trial.”

Victoria Walker

Host of the C2T Podcast 

We always wonder what we can do to help people in need.

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