The Projects

Reach Out

“Live Life to the Fullest“ reaches out to people through public speaking of inspirational messages. We believe in the power of words that can change lives for the better. Our aim is to gather crowds of people and deliver messages that will inspire, encourage and empower them for all they are destined to be in their lives.

Practical Steps

“Live Life to the Fullest“ inspires, encourages and empowers people practically as well as with words. We have opportunities for people to attend practical sessions such as coaching, training, seminars and leadership classes. These will help people to overcome their own difficulties and get practical help with leading in their own sphere of life.


“Live Life to the Fullest“ wants to leave a long lasting financial legacy for people with healthcare needs. We have the goal to build a legacy by making a long-term investment. Our vision is to build hospitals around the globe, which provides healthcare for people in remote locations where healthcare is expensive and hard to access.

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